Friday, November 18, 2011

Bubble of Foam

Pass away — even from your self:
Then you’ll find
the infinite and eternal shore.

To reach the Friend,
you have to go beyond yourself.
One day a bubble of foam
was wondering about its own existence,
when suddenly it popped
and rejoined the sea.

—Fekri Khurasani

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gospel of Thomas: Logion 21

Miriam said,
"Then tell us, Master, what your students are like.
How would you describe them?"

He answered,
"They are like small children
living in a field not their own.
When the landlords return and demand,
'Give us back our field!'
the children return it by simply stripping themselves
and standing naked before them.

So then, I must also tell you this:
If a householder knows for sure
that thieves are coming to steal his goods,
he will keep careful watch before they get there
to prevent them from tunneling in and taking his possessions.

You too, from your beginnings,
must keep a watchful eye on the cosmos,
binding great power to yourselves
so that thieves cannot find a way to get to you.
Pay attention then.
Any outside help you look for they will try to seize first.

May there be someone among you who truly understands this.

So listen carefully, if you have an ear for this!
When the fruit was ripe, ready to burst,
the harvester came quickly, sickle in hand, and took it.

Gospel of Thomas: Logion 20

His students said to him,
"Tell us about this kingdom of yours in the heavens.
What is it like?"

Yeshua answered them,

"Let me compare it to a mustard seed,
the smallest of all seeds.
When it falls into prepared ground,
it grows into a great tree
capable of sheltering the birds of the sky."

Gospel of Thomas: Logion 19

Yeshua says...

Blessed are all who come to live
at the point of arising--
their "genesis,"
before they came into temporality.

If you become my students,
listening deeply to my words,
even these stones will serve you.

And in paradise five evergreen trees await you.
They do not change in summer
nor shed their leaves in winter.
If you come to know them,
you will not know the taste of death.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Gospel of Thomas: Logion 18

His students said to him,

So, tell us, then,
what our end
and destiny will be?

Yeshua answered,

“Have you already discovered your origin
so that you are now free to seek after your end?
It is only at your source
that you will find your destiny.
Blessed are those who come to stand
in their place of origination,
for it is there that they will know their end—
never tasting death.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gospel of Thomas: Logion 17

Yeshua says,

What your own eyes cannot see,
your human ears do not hear,
your physical hands cannot touch,
and what is inconceivable to the human mind—
that I will give to you!