Monday, October 3, 2011

Psalm 14

The Seeker and the Atheist

1. Foolishly the heart that says, “There is no God,”
acts out these words in deeds of crime and violence,
forsaking any good.

2. God sees it all from heaven’s height,
and looks to find the good in them,
God hopes to find some seeker there.

3. But these have given up the search,
to follow hard upon their evil ways,
and none of them are doing good at all, not one.

4. Where has their knowledge, their awareness gone,
these folk who eat the people up like bread
without a thought or prayer?

5. Behold, their time of fear shall come,
for God has taken sides, not theirs,
To care for all the lowly ones
who seek the right and serve the good,

6. The very ones they’ve mocked for seeking hope
and refuge in their God.

7. O deliver us,
restore our many losses here on earth we pray.
Come from your dwelling place,
Your holy mountain, your eternal city strong, Jerusalem,
and make your people glad and filled,
yes filled with joy.

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