Sunday, October 30, 2011

Psalm 17

God As Judge

1. O God, as judge of everything and all,
hear my plea of innocence, this cry, this prayer;
it does not come to you from lips that lie.

2. You be the judge
and let what vindication there is to be,
Come from your presence,
O you whose eyes discern the right and wrong.

3. You visit me at night in search of truth,
you assess the heart, so test me for impurities.

4. My mouth speaks no offence as others do,
for I follow only what falls from your own lips.

5. I walk in truth and beauty on your smooth path,
I walk before you and all your ways are mine,
O God.

6. I call to you and hear the answer of your voice,
for your ear is ever near my lips to hear my words.

7. You show to me the wonder of your love,
and grasp me in your strong hands to hide me safe.

8. O guard me ever there in you,
and keep me as the apple of your eye,
protect me in the shadow of your outstretched wings,

9. Safe from the assaults of evil foes
surrounding me.

10. You know how they have closed their hearts to mercy, Lord,
their words so full of pride and arrogance.

11. They come close and pressing in on every side,
watching carefully to capture me.

12. Like lions, greedy for the prey,
they lie low and hidden in the grass.

13. Rise up, O God, and from your hiding place,
confront them all and bring them down,
Release me from this evil
by your swift, sharp sword of truth.

14. Let your strong hand deliver me
from those whose only goal in life
is to seize and own this world of yours;

15. Who fill their bellies and gorge their souls,
with goods of earth,
or pass it to their children.

16. But I, when I awaken,
shall see your face my God.
I shall gaze upon your image and be satisfied.

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