Saturday, August 27, 2011

Psalm 10

The Cry for Justice

1. Lord, when there is such deep need
and I am in distress,
why do you remove yourself and stand so far away

2. While evil roams this world, hunting down the poor?
Catch the prideful, wicked ones
in all their evil ways.

3. Just listen to their boasts and schemes,
their terrible desires.
For they deride your name in scorn,

4. They care nothing for you at all.
They even say, “There is no God,”
you’ve vanished out-of-sight.

5. Yet still they prosper in their ways,
contemptuous of all that’s good.

6. They boast of vast securities,
protecting them from you.

7. Deceit and cursing fills their mouths,
crooked their every word.

8. They hide among the innocent,
seeking for their prey.

9. They seize upon the helpless ones,
and drag them to their lair.

10. They hold them in captivity,
waiting for the feed.

11. You see, O God, these innocent,
how weak ones cannot stand.

12. You also hear the wicked say,
“God has forgotten them.”

13. Rise up, O God, do not forget,
in this our hour of need.

14. Let not these wicked ones
deride or trample on the good,
Or say, “God does not care at all,
we’ll never have to pay,”

15. You’ve seen it all by now, O God,
our troubles to you are clear.

16. You know these tired, these tortured ones,
they cling to you in fear.

17. So break the power of evil,
lay bare what hides to harm,

18. And we shall live forever
where evil is no more.

19. O helper of the helpless ones,
hear this our great lament,
Lean close to touch the needy and the poor,
and make them strong again.

20. Then all across this world of ours,
the orphaned and oppressed
Will see at last true justice done,
that terror reigns no more.

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