Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Psalm 9

Great, Good News

1. Everything within me wants to cry out “thanks,” and “praise!”
Everything wants to tell the great good news of what you’ve done.

2. So full of song am I, O God, so full of joy,
the mention of your holy name sets my soul to singing.

3. My enemies are gone,
you’ve driven them stumbling and far away,
and as they fled in fear they vanished out of sight.

4. For you upheld my right, my cause,
you’ve rendered justice from your throne.

5. You’ve brought the many nations low,
and wiped the slate of evil clean.
You’ve destroyed the very heart of wickedness,
with its list of many names.

6. Gone these dreadful enemies of ours,
Gone their habitation, their memories fading fast.

7. But you remain forever
as a good and righteous judge.

8. Your rulings are based in justice,
you judgments, balanced, fair.

9. You are for us a place secure,
to whom we turn in faith, and unafraid.

10. We’ve come to love your sacred name,
and trust your loving care.

11. So now I offer praise to you,
I proclaim what you have done.

12. The true avenger of the blood of innocents
did not forget the lost and little ones.

13. So save me from my enemies,
close the yawning gates of death.

14. Then I too shall enter your city,
proclaiming your praise with joy on my lips.

15. For my foes have fallen deep into the pit,
they’ve entangled their feet in their own nets.

16. And you have revealed yourself, unhidden,
the schemers are caught in the plots of their hands.

17. The heedless have sunk low in oblivion.
The wicked go down to the dead.

18. But the needy and poor, they’re remembered forever,
their hopes and their dreams do not fade.

19. So rise up, O God, again judge the nations,
let all that’s eternal prevail.

20. Put fear at last in the hearts of the peoples,
make us know that our life is but days.


Joyce Wycoff said...

this is a stunning image.

Diane Walker said...

You do like those royal blues, don't you!