Saturday, August 20, 2011

Psalm 6

I’m Weak, Be Merciful

1. Lord, I feel your anger aimed against me,
do not reject or punish me, I pray.

2. I’m weak, O Lord, be merciful.
Heal this racking pain I feel to my very bones.

3. I’m shaken to my core, depressed and all alone.
How long can I go on in judgment and despair?

4. Turn back to me, O God,
in kindness set me free,

5. For who remembers you when they are gone?
What tongue can praise you from the grave?

6. I’m tired of my groaning and this aching pain.
I’m weary of lying in this tear-soaked bed.

7. My eyes grow dim with weeping, grief, and agony,
all my troubles have worn me thin.

8. Go away, all you who seek to do me harm.
God feels my pain and hears the storming of my grief.

9. Yes, it is God who gathers up my tears.
My prayers are never ever turned away.

10. But the day will come
when my foes shall stand astounded, Lord;
they shall turn and see what you have done.
then it is they who shall be confused.

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