Monday, July 4, 2011

Psalm 1

Life’s Journey

1. Blessed, O blessed, I say
are those who walk upon a path
whose steps are firmly planted on your eternal law,
For in that word they find their joy, their meditation day and night,
and do not wander far to take the counsels of the worldly wise.

2. These “wise-of-word” speak guile,
their scorn of you is made from prideful seats above the masses far below.

3. But the blessed ones grow strong as living trees,
their roots sink deep and hidden
beside the flowing streams which come from you.
And through life’s passing seasons
they do not cease to bear a plenitude of fruit,
nor do they fade from giving shade of leaf that covers all with good.

4. While on the other path there is no shade or water near,
and all life withers quickly in the winds
that blow across the grass.

5. So when the sad results of wickedness give witness to their lives
they fall away and have no place
in your eternal circle of the wise.

6. You guard and guide the path that leads to life
and those who walk in right-relationship to all.
But those who choose the other path?
Their steps lead surely into doom.

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Maureen said...

The figure in the image brought all my attention to the center of your lovely image and beautifully written psalm.