Monday, July 11, 2011

Psalm 3

Enemies All Around

1. I lift my eyes and see a hoard arrayed against me.
More in number than I care to count are my many foes.

2. Their unrelenting voices whisper constantly,
“Nothing now can help you, your imaginary God is gone, and you’re alone!”

3. But you, O God, have been for me a shielding presence.
Your beauty has always lifted up my heart and soul.

4. When I cry aloud in fear and pain,
you answer me.

5. I can fall asleep both day or night
and awaken in your care.

6. Fearlessly I rise to meet ten thousand enemies,
for you are here,
and who are these to stand against you, God?

7. And as you rise to stand with me,
strike wickedness its first-blow,
break the teeth of evil from its leering face.

8. For it is you who gains for us the victory.
It is you who blesses us, who blesses all.

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