Thursday, July 7, 2011

Psalm 2

Struggle on the World’s Stage

1 Why this raging, deafening roar of many nations,
this rising voice of the multitudes?
2. Why do the rulers of the earth conspire together,
and in utter folly plot against the Lord?
3. Why do they say to God’s anointed,
“Let us break God’s grip upon us,
let us strip away these sacred chains.”
4. God, you laugh from your throne in heaven,
you laugh in mirth, seeing all.
5. But then you speak to them in fury,
and terrify them in your wrath.
6. You say, “I myself have set a king among you.
I have placed him there on a holy mountain tall.”
7. But who is this anointed one you speak of?
God says, “You are a child of mine, this day I birth you.”
8. Ask of me and I shall give you all.
The many nations shall be your own possession,
9. You shall rule in strength and with an iron scepter.
You shall break rebellion like a shattered jar.
10. So listen well, you rulers of the peoples,
be wise, pay heed to what you hear.
11. Learn service to the God of earth and heaven,
in humility and awe draw close, come near.
12. Instead of fury, anger, fear and wrath,
know blessedness,
learn to trust and live as a refugee in God.

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